Audit, benchmarking, consulting: we are experts in company information.

A Consulting division composed of senior business experts:

  • Lawyer
  • Anti-corruption
  • Financial communication
  • Human Rights
  • Governance
  • Plain language
  • Transparency
  • Risks
  • ESG/CSR (corporate social responsibility)

Ready to conduct audits and consulting for you:

  • Benchmarks
  • Risk mapping
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Editorial consulting
  • Legal design
  • Information transparency
  • Best practices in getting your information across
  • Document structure and architecture


Need an expert eye on your information?


Good design makes things clear.

30 years of pure expertise in corporate information design and conveying information

Information structure and architecture

A company’s information process, a document, web page or investor report must be effective before being beautiful. Your readers’ time is precious, doubt can be costly. Labrador’s designs are based on in-depth knowledge of the way professionals use documents, to speed up the search for information and the performance of your messages.

  • Processes for regulatory information and informational content
  • Outline and document structure
  • On and offline presentations, documents and communication tools
  • Highlights and focus for key figures and strategic elements
  • Regulatory or reference cross-reference tables

Information design and document ergonomics

Did you know? 80 % of financial or legal information documents and reports are not read but consulted. This is why access to information is one of the pillars of Transparency, and reading ergonomics is a cornerstone of the Labrador Method. On screen as well as on paper, you can control the flow of information across space to satisfy the human eye and brain.

Illustrating how information is conveyed: legal design and beyond

For each of your sensitive or complex business challenges, a graphic solution can be found to conveying the information.

  • Design of documents, brochures, mini-sites and slide presentations
  • Business model
  • Presentation of information on compensation,
  • Presentation of information on the Board of Directors,
  • Risk mapping,
  • Path of doubt
  • Materiality matrix…



I have a project to carry out


There is no point in just filling pages, you need to write concisely.

Let’s call on Aristotle (“The first quality of style is clarity”), modern linguistic sciences (BVA Labrador study) and technology (Plainly) to illustrate the performance gains of business texts written in plain language. Take back control of your information, by yourself or by entrusting us with rewriting and editing your texts.


Find out how


Data flow engineering and editing.

The largest French and American companies entrust us with their most sensitive information. From this trust comes a constant requirement: quality, innovation and security.

  • audited and ultra-secure production;
  • multi-process flexibility adapted to your constraints;
  • innovative, collaborative and user-friendly software suite
  • flexible deadlines, from a few hours to several months,
  • the peace of mind given by 24/7 production and support, on request
  • project performance support (time -4% on average/year)
  • synergies between consulting, creation, translation and production teams;
  • open and receptive, your tools and partners are ours
  • annual quality and satisfaction monitoring, continuous measurement and action plans


Test us !


Specialist in language pitfalls.

Auditing and improving the quality of the source language to improve the performance of your multilingual translations on large volumes is the sole focus of augmented translation. We then put our language experts and translators to work, unroll the Labrador expertise and associated technologies (Plainly, LTO), and the translation is ready.

The augmented translation operation in detail.


Name your language!


Publication of documents and digital distribution: stand out at the same time as being sustainable.

Labrador advises you on your publication issues and ensures the accessibility and multi-channel availability of your information.

  • Internal audiences, targeted audiences or large audiences
  • Multi-format design, online and print
  • Production and printing consulting: sustainable, customized, creative or large volumes
  • Sustainable, local and European printing using selected printers.
  • HTML design and adaptations: smart interactive documents (LORE), dedicated mini-sites, investor section, landing pages, etc.
  • Frugality and digital accessibility
  • Interactive PDFs (flipbooks), accessible PDFs (W3C) or print or optimized (web) PDFs
  • Powerpoint slides and information kits.
  • Export formats: Word, Excel, XBRL/ESEF regulator version, XHTML, etc.
  • Printing and international shipping


I have a web or paper publishing project


Information is something tangible. It is used, can be measured and improved.

  • Security: independent third-party audits, intrusion testing.
  • R&D: Transparency study, benchmarks and user groups in France, Europe, United States,
  • Performance: before-after, reader tests, audience analysis
  • Production: monitoring, management and optimization according to shared KPIs
  • Customer commitments: CSR, reduction of deadlines, volumes and budgets, risk management
  • Quality: annual audits and quality action plans,
  • Budget: clear and detailed, wysiwyg.
  • Customer satisfaction: annual public survey


Measure yourself, test us