Finance, transparency and design: paradox or paradigm?

CSRD, SFDR, NFPS, Transparency Directive: for the last 20 years, the European Commission and ESMA have been introducing new standards for investor reporting Europe-wide, which the AMF and stock market regulators have been rolling out at national level. Borders have never held back investors or your shareholders. But their demands are undoubtedly increasing even more rapidly than those of the regulator. The challenge is twofold: to attract and retain them.

The paradox lies in investing huge amounts of energy each year in producing increasing volumes of investor information and documents: universal registration documents (URD), financial reporting and reports, NFPS, etc., without knowing if your information is useful, or to whom. Knowledge riddled with jargon and details that build up each year, act in opposition to data consistency.

Change the paradigm, remove the shackles. Company information wants to be free, it wants to be read.


Transform your investor information

Working together

Each process for investor and shareholder information is key to developing trust with your stakeholders.

Universal registration document (URD)

Entrust the cornerstone of your financial information process to the experts who invented it, and who have not yet finished.

Financial reports (AFR, HYFR) and investor reporting

They occur regularly enough to merit a closer look.

Stock market transaction and initial public offering documents (base document)

Take care of your entry onto the market.

Annual General Meeting brochure

Voted. For clear, comprehensible and accepted shareholder information.

Integrated reports

Incorporate the expectations of your readers and best practices into your draft integrated report.

Roadshows and investor presentations

Sometimes it’s tricky to create the slideshow. We are here.

the Labrador suite for your investor reporting

The digital dynamic of investor reporting

  • 2021: European universal registration documents (URDs) and annual financial reports (AFRs) move to a single electronic format (ESEF), based on an HTML file including iXBRL tags.
  • 2022: 31% of SBF120 companies already produce their information natively in HTML format, 30% plan to change their production method
  • 2025: ESG information and its green taxonomy must be produced in this digital format.
  • More than 60% of Labrador customers already work on an HTML editing platform.
  • The difference: it’s their choice.


Choose the digital mode that suits me


We received the best NFPS award! [...] Thank you very much for your support in both substance and form.

Remy Cointreau

Thank you for your help in terms of animation on regulated communication: events, emails, etc. It's very practical and always very relevant

Société Générale

This document is high quality in terms of both form and substance. It is the result of teamwork, carried out with great professionalism


The design impressed a large number of employees at AXA and the computer graphics are popular and reused internally


By using the Labrador online correction platform we halved the time spent


Thank you once again for your involvement on the final production stretch of our documents leading up to our GM. The timing was very tight in the end, but thanks to you, we kept to the deadline.


A big thank you for your unwavering support in preparing this brochure!

Saint Gobain

First-class expertise, valuable and pleasant discussions, very professional result: Thank you very much for your support on our audit!


A big thank you to the whole team for this Pillar 3, which went well. always a pleasure to work with you.

Société Générale

Thank you also for your adaptability and responsiveness to the various shifts in the schedules and other late changes. It was my first URD and you really made it easy for me.


The final result is great! It was a difficult job for everyone, but thanks to your professionalism, we were able to get there in the end. See you soon for the English version!