Information must be reliable.

This is why we have been a pure player since the beginning, dedicated to regulated information; one whose reliability must, by definition, be ironclad.

This is why we do more than just master the rules: we write them – in a constructive and permanent dialog with the relevant institutions.

This is why we support more than three out of four SBF120 companies in their transparency approach.

With a shared obsession: the user.



Right/left hemisphere. Brain imaging.

Source: Weizmann Institute, cited by Stanislas Dehaene, Reading in the brain.

Information must be useful.

Making information available is not enough.

Because if the recipient does not use it, the information does not exist.

And for the user to use it, you need to know how to put yourself in their shoes.

Make the information not only easy to access, but also simple to understand, examine, analyze and handle.

Organize the best possible collaboration between your left and right brain.

This is not magic; it is, in all humility, a science.

Information must be efficient.

We promote supporting with evidence.

Because far from being abstract, transparency needs to be measurable.

We apply the most robust lessons in cognitive science.

We also rely on our own test protocols to observe the performance of human intelligence faced with a body of data.

And we are developing our own language processing solutions, using artificial intelligence.

To help information move as efficiently as possible from point A to point B.

Correlation between the degree of transparency in corporate governance and the importance of equity markets in the financial system (33 countries).

Source: The Oxford Handbook of Economic and Institutional Transparency. Jens Forssbaeck, Lars Oxelheim.

Information must flow.

And to flow, it must materialize, then spread. At the cost of an often considerable effort on the part of the issuing organization.

So we support this effort from start to finish. From the structuring of information, to the production of communication media, including design and writing.

In this way, we help our customers to overcome constraints and obstacles, without ever wavering from the utmost rigor.

Thanks to our inherent expertise, and the proprietary technical solutions that we have developed.

To enable teams to gain autonomy and speed.

To unlock the potential of their regulated information.

To make transparency not just a promise, but a standard.