“What cannot be measured does not exist.
What is measured is rewarded.”

“Since 2009, the Grands Prix de la Transparence recognize
the quality of corporate information for a panel of 140 companies.

They enable issuers to measure their performance each year
in terms of transparency, and to identify market best practices.”

Scientific Committee

A Scientific Committee, made up of nine independent individuals from organizations and associations representing users of the information, guarantees the neutrality and fairness of the classification.

The Scientific Committee meets at least twice a year:

  • In the months leading up to the preparation of the study in order to participate in developing the methodology and criteria.
  • Then, once the data has been collected and analyzed, it validates the results of the study and the rankings.


The Transparency Awards are certified by Bureau Veritas certification, the world leader in certification and customized audits. This certification validates an approach, an exclusive and scientific methodology as well as commitments to fairness and progress for all company information.

Each year, the Transparency Awards are audited by an independent third party, appointed by Bureau Veritas Certification, which ensures overall compliance with the standards drawn up with the certifying body and approved by the Validation Committee, as well as all of the evaluation grid criteria. The framework has a total of seven commitments and the assessment is based on 24 criteria.

The aim of this certification is to guarantee professional, fair and objective treatment of the companies in the panel.

Transparency Awards 2023

Each year, the criteria change, the level of requirements increases, but the purpose of these Grands Prix remains unchanged:

Transparency creates trust and therefore value for companies and their stakeholders.

The Transparency Awards are organized by Labrador, a regulated communication consulting agency, with the support of numerous stock market associations.


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