The Transparency Academy will open in 2024


If you're reading this, it means you're interested in Transparency!

The essay "L’information veut être libre", published in 2022, plunged me into the complex story of transparency and revealed the forces that are opposed to it.

The Transparency Awards have been meticulously organized for the past 14 years now, based on objective and universal criteria. These criteria, designed to be equally accessible to all, have enabled remarkable progress in the area of regulated information. Each validated criterion allocates a score and it is this scientific methodology, certified by Bureau Veritas Certifications, which is bearing fruit today.

Despite the work done to provide greater clarity and educate, we receive many questions every year. The requests for additional information focus on the "why" and "how" and reflect a need for a more in-depth understanding on the part of issuers about topics which cannot be explained with simple criteria. When we started out, it was already clear that this certified method only showed the visible part of the transparency iceberg.

Thus, we had the idea of creating a transparency academy that would bring together the most eminent experts to lead us to the deepest possible transparency.

The academy, which will open in June 2024, is intended to provide more autonomy to information issuers by providing them with a greater understanding of the educational approach and clarity. At Labrador, we're convinced that this initiative will strengthen the ties between listed companies and their readers.

I see the creation of this academy as a crucial step in our quest for value creation through transparency. I'm convinced that its success will have a positive impact on issuers' Transparency Awards scores and will, therefore, enhance the image of the French marketplace.

We will write a new chapter in the history of transparency together, a chapter based on commitment, awareness and progress.